That was WordCamp Antwerp

What a journey and what a weekend. You can re-live the WordCamp via our picture page and we’ll try to publish all slides and videos as soon as possible.

We’re so proud on what we have achieved this weekend, it’s beyond our expectations. Thank you all for the very nice feedback.

And Zé and Remkus, for all the nagging of having the first WordCamp in Belgium; this feedback touched our WP-hearts:

If you want to give some feedback, please fill in this survey.

Volunteers: thank you
In this post we would like to give an extra thanks to our volunteers.
Everyone in the organization team was touched about their pro-activeness and willingness to make this event a succes. Volunteers, you totally rocked.

We have a dedicated thank you-page for all the people who made this all possible.

The mission of WordCamp Antwerp
We had a mission to get more connections and meetup groups.
And we’ve got something moving here:

  • Meetup Liege is having its first meetup scheduled on 7 july! (thanks Cedric & Benjamin)
  • Meetup Ghent will be scheduling their first one after the summer holiday. (thanks Brecht)
  • Meetup Hasselt will be launched in September (thanks Kristof, you’ve got my word that i will get you started)
  • Other cities interested: Ieper, the sea-side area, Luxembourg city
  • The nl-be translation is really set up to get started (thanks Taco for guiding us)

If you’ve questions about running a meetup group, talk to Dave Loodts or Veerle Verbert. If you want to talk about it in french, talk to Kristof Bernaert.

How to stay in touch?
While we’re in the flow of a successful WordCamp, staying in touch is important. So, please visit or start a meetup.
But you don’t have to wait for a meetup to chat, just join WordPress Belgium on Slack (Slack is a communication tool with already +200 members).



Find help during the day: Volunteers

WordCamps are a place to ask and answer questions – but there might be a point during WordCamp Antwerp when you need to ask someone a non-WordPress related question: where is that particular track? Where can I get some coffee? Where’s the contributors space?

For these questions, please look out for our wonderful team of volunteers who will be wearing yellow t-shirts with the WordCamp Antwerp 2016 logo.

In all their glory, here they are:


WordCamp Europe about the Belgian community

One of biggest WordCamps is WordCamp Europe. This event will be held in Vienna (Austra) at 24-26 june 2016, with more then 2000 visitors.
If you’re interested in visiting WordCamp Europe, be very fast to buy tickets as there’s only 5 tickets left.(seen 14:38 friday may 27)

The same thing with WordCamp Antwerp, with only 9 tickets left and a few Nano/Micro tickets. If you wanna be sure of a ticket, please don’t wait too long.

Today, an article about the Belgian WordPress community appeared on the blog of WordCamp Europe. The article is part of a series of presenting the European communities.

Here’s the article, enjoy: