Enjoy your stay in Antwerp!

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Antwerp is the second biggest city of Belgium. But actually it’s quite compact: within a 30-minute walk, you can reach almost every fine quarter of the city.

Use the WordCamp as an excuse to book a weekend & bring your +1 (and even kids?) with you. During the WordCamp hours they can explore the city and every attendee can bring a +1 to the after drink. Or buy a second ticket and the venue is open for both of you: €30 for food & coffee.

Check visitantwerpen.be for all the tourist information you need or read on for intel from the WCA Tourist Team.

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Some tourist tips from your WCA-team

  • just walk the city
  • enjoy the fashion city: “Despite its modest size, shopping in Antwerp is an experience befitting the city’s status as an international fashion capital.”
    (note: the first sunday of the month = shopping sunday)
  • the Zoo, and walk into Central Station and into the Diamond district while you’re there
  • explore the harbor by boatwalk the tunnel to the other bank of the Schelde and go to the beach (don’t expect you can swim though 😉 ) or when the weather is bad: walk the sewers!
  • just hangout, like the rest of us 😉
    tip for sunny afternoons: the Flandria docking deck, you’ll find it next to ‘Het Steen’

When you want to walk & explore, these are the main quarters:

  • The historical centre
    This is where the WordCamp’s at: close by the city hall with a statue of our hand-throwing hero, Het Steen at the river bank with a statue of our notoire anti-drunk-giant ‘de Lange Wapper’, the cathedral, the boerentoren (KBC building) and from there follow the main axis Meir and Keyserlei up to the beautiful Central Station with the Zoo and the Diamond district next door. If you like to see the home of Rubens, turn right midway the Meir.
  • Het Eilandje
    Walk north from the Groenplaats via the waterfront of through the narrow old streets to the northern docks. Recently rediscovered and now a very pricy neighbourhood with two new shiny worthwhile musea: the MAS and the Red Star Line Museum. Enjoy a drink near the water, late afternoon sun guaranteed (if any).
  • The South
    Take the Nationalestraat from the Groenplaats and walk up to the Leopold De Waelplaats. In the Nationalestraat you’ll pass a lot of fine fashion stores (small shops), don’t forget to (window)shop on your way. At the De Waelplaats you’re already in the Southern district: this is where you dress like it’s Sunday (or fashion-awareness day) every day and where you see the majestic Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, which is closed for renovations until 2018 —the collection is spread out over guest locations. No worries: nearby is the Waalse Kaai where you’ll find FOMU (photo museum) and MUHKA (museum for contemporary art).
  • Zurenborg
    This is a relaxed residential neighbourhood a little off-grid with two vibrant squares (especially in the late afternoon/evening): Dageraadplaats and Draakplaats. Take tram 9 to Berchem station and walk into Zurenborg via the Cogels-Osylei. Enjoy the belle époque-grandeur of the whole quarter and enjoy the terraces and bars where you can read a book, work a little or just hang out.

The weather

Don’t believe forecasts. Just don’t. Prepare for both sunny days as rain as wind. & no worries: almost every shop sells both umbrella’s and sunscreen.

images thx to visitantwerpen.be
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