Expert City

Both Saturday and Sunday we’ll have an ‘expert city’. If you are familiar with WordCamps: think ‘happiness bar’, but a bit larger.

The Expert City will be in the main hall near the Trappen-aula (steps aula) and Mezzanine. It’s an excellent space with lots of room, hangout tables, plugs to power up and even a real barista (yes! a nice extra thx to our sponsors!). Everything you need to hangout, work together, discuss issues and you’ll also find a barcamp-style board where experts and expert-seekers can find each other.

Our fine community sponsors will be nearby and are willing to answer all questions about their fields of expertise. So don’t be afraid of the sponsor booths, they are offering expert advice 😉

Do you have a question?
-> check the expert board to see when an expert that might have an answer to your question will be available

Are you willing to help your peers?
-> put a post-it with your name and the areas of your expertise on the expert board: you don’t have to be ‘available’ all weekend, just say when you’ll be hanging around the expert city to help out.

note: nobody has all the answers, pointing somebody in the right direction is helping as well. so don’t be shy: you might be an expert even if you don’t see yourself as one.

2nd note: once you have your answer, you can even get a chair massage to contemplate on what the Jedi told you. thx to Ronald and Michael