Dave Loodts

davelodavelFrom hobby-guy to professional webdesigner, Dave started exactly 10 years ago with building websites for local companies with his own CMS and one man firm Davel. Five years ago he stumbled by coincidence on a better CMS called WordPress. Since then Dave loves WordPress by heart and a visit to his first WordCamp (WCEU2013) really struck him with unbelief to see the inspiring involvement and dedication of the WordPress community. From there on he searched and found a WP-partner in Veerle Verbert to startup a WordPress Meetup Group in Antwerp. 2 years later Dave is co-lead of the first WordCamp Antwerp. Dave’s hope is to have a vibrant Belgian WordPress community. This first WordCamp is the first step to reach that goal.

Veerle Verbert

From WordPress hacker in 2006 to respectfully building sites & apps with WordPress and loving the community and it’s force. I work as a freelancer for Con Impeto ( for a living, doing mostly custom WordPress development and I try to give back to the community by helping as much as I can & co-organising the monthly WordPress Meetup Antwerp together with Dave. And now a real WordCamp. Yay!

Brecht Ryckaert

Brecht has been using WordPress 1.5 to build and maintain websites. Since 2008, he’s been working at Combell (the largest Belgian independent hosting provider), where he quickly developed more skills and became the WordPress Expert. He specializes in security and optimization of (but not only) WordPress websites. Brecht published his first book “WordPress security 101” in 2014 and is currently trying to get a meetup group going in Ghent. Interested in meeting up on WordPress in Ghent? Join the Ghent WordPress Meetup! Brecht also loves a whisky from time to time and blogs at

Shaun Janssens

Shaun is the rookie on our team, but don’t underestimate him! He is both a student graphical design & digital media at Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent and a freelance WordPress front end developer with Four years ago he switched from Joomla! to WordPress and hasn’t regretted it since. WordCamp Antwerp will be his first WordCamp, give him a warm community-welcome!

Tom Hermans

Tom, originally trained as a communications expert, is for the past 15 years working as a (web)designer/developer at a number of agencies.
Passionate about new technology, communication, code, design and UX. Tries to make the web more open and better accessible.
Built his own CMS in the past before he discovered WordPress and been using it since v1.x to power his design and custom development. Really digs the new WP possibilities via the REST API and JS MVC frameworks.
Nowadays active as a frontend developer for Telenet, in the past worked for Sony Europe (UX & front-end) and full-stack dev for Studio100 amongst other agencies and projects, e.g. Axe, Unicef etc.

Csaba Varszegi

Just a couple of years ago WordPress became my passion. I love the WordPress philosophy, vanilla JavaScript and doing things that matter, like creating stuff that mean something and contributing to the WP community.
Maybe, coming from another direction (science) gives me a little different view on web design and user experience. I like to read and learn everything about the web and use it to everyone’s advantage.

Kristof Bernaert

Web Architect & UX designer. As the very young internet era moves quickly forward, I shifted from backend to mainly frontend developer. That #frontend is just a joy! Amazing. Geweldig.
Working on several ‘Online Banking’ projects in the past gave the opportunity to learn a lot (backend, lean & clean UX). I’m running Sempre, a Brussels based agency mainly using WordPress. Together with WordPress, we use Odoo (also #opensource) to unlock and automate the processes of smaller and medium businesses.
I play with Arduino. Of course wíth Ethernet Shield! I organise WordPress Brussels Meetup  (join the 475 members) and Open Brussels.
I travel often, being a nomad with some #TravelSkills, to enjoy the new normal and get more work done.