Our mission

“Creating Communities & Connections”: that’s the mission of the first official edition of WordCamp in Belgium.

WordPress is by far the most used content management system in the world, and in Belgium. Despite that, the Belgian WordPress community is quite small with exception of the vibrant meetups in Antwerp and Brussels.
But we see improvements.

And that’s where we’re heading.
Never mind the language you speak or in which city you live.

We’re convinced that this WordCamp will be the start of a larger ‘WordPress’ in Belgium.
And we hope that every person who’s working or playing with WordPress accepts our invitation and will visit the WordCamp.

During the WordCamp there will be a possibility to meet local and (inter)national like-minded people; maybe to start your own local WordPress meetup group.
That would be awesome.

Just like our neighbouring countries, we want more WordPress Community.
And perhaps — why not — on short term a national WordCamp edition?
Yes, that would also be awesome.

But we’re not there yet.

So please, share our mission and accept the invitation.

Visit WordCamp Antwerp.

Choose for creating communities.
More meetups.
More connections.
More WordPress in Belgium.

You can help us and WordPress.

See you soon,
Meetup Group Antwerp