On this page you’ll find the speaker’s bio of the upcoming WordCamp.

Zé Fontainhas

Zé Fontainhas is a long time WordPress contributor, WordCamp and meet up organiser and community leader. He’s been an active member of the global WordPress community for the last 10 years, helping contributors from all over the world translate the software in more than 140 languages. Zé is a true Polyglot and European and has spent the last few years working towards creating ties between the European communities.

With all his experience, status of community guru and his (of many) Belgian roots, we’re very excited to welcome him as our keynote speaker.

Jenny Wong

Community junkie. Half web developer, half community cheerleader. Human

Volunteer at WordCamp Antwerp and heard about one of the speakers having to cancel and immediately responded positively about filling in the gap. She’s a self-proclaimed community junkie, and it shows, seeing all the WordCamps she’s attended and she’ll be happy to guide through the ways of giving back to the diverse community the WordPress community is. Have I mentioned community enough ? 😉

Andreas Creten

Andreas is the creator of wp-cli.org. The command-line interface for WordPress, used by thousands of people including companies like Auttomatic, Media Temple and Dreamhost.

He is a software engineer and an entrepreneur who loves developing apps and building teams. In 2008, he started madewithlove, an app development company where everybody speaks code, the management included. He loves pushing startups forward, either as a co-founder or CTO. As a firm believer in data & knowledge sharing, you’ll regularly find him working on open-source projects and speaking at conferences.

Mathias Bynens

Mathias is a web standards enthusiast from Belgium. Stuff like open-source, webstandards, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unicode, performance, and security gets him excited. Works at Opera, tweets at @mathias, blogs at mathiasbynens.be and speaks regularly at Fronteers or other meetups. Mathias will run a talk on fun facts about CSS. That should be fun, right ?

Tom Hermans

Tom Hermans is a Belgian Web Developer, developing end-to-end solutions, but with a strong focus on UX, design & front-end code. His goal is to create working solutions from a user-perspective and with clean code.
Worked in the past few years for Sony, Unicef, Studio100, Axe and nowadays working as a frontend designer on the new Yelo web platform for Telenet along with a few freelance projects.
He speaks regularly at the Dutch WordCampNL or meetups in Belgium and Holland and is pretty opinionated on the way the web can move forward. He’s also been pushing the WordPress wagon in Belgium for years and is glad to have met more like-minded people to make this first WordCamp in Belgium a success. Designer of our fries logo, played with Lego as a kid according to his Twitter bio and can also communicate fluently in gifs and Star Wars memes.

Brecht Ryckaert

Brecht has been using WordPress 1.5 to build and maintain websites. Since 2008, he’s been working at Combell (the largest Belgian independent hosting provider), where he quickly developed more skills and became the WordPress Expert. He specializes in security and optimization of (but not only) WordPress websites. Brecht published his first book “WordPress security 101” in 2014 and is currently trying to get a meetup group going in Ghent. Interested in meeting up on WordPress in Ghent? Join the Ghent WordPress Meetup! Brecht also loves a whisky from time to time and blogs at brechtryckaert.com.

Erik Bernskiöld

Erik is a Digital Strategist, Businessman, Economist & Speaker, combining the field of business with digital marketing. He is the managing director and founder of full-service boutique digital agency Bernskiold Media who works with businesses around the world to help them fully use and succeed with digital tools.

Apart from this, he sits at the Board of Advisors at the Goethe Unibator at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Erik also travels the world as appreciated speaker at conferences.
Twitter: @ErikBernskiold

Saskia Videler

Content strategist Saskia Videler makes sure all the right content gets at the right places at the right time. By focussing on the user, she makes sure your websites are as top performing as they possibly can.

Saskia will be speaking about a Customer Focussed and Content Centered Process, she tweets at @saskiavideler


Bas van der Lans

Bas van der Lans loves to make complex technology as clear as a cow. Whether it is a large WordPress website, iBeacon system or complex connection between software. Bas believes technology is no rocket science and anything is possible.

Bas van der Lans believes anything is possible in technology. His agency Van Ons works on large scale WordPress websites and complex connections between various software. In his spare time Bas works together with clients on innovative technologies like iBeacons.

Luc Princen

Luc Princen is co-founder and lead developer at Chef du Web. An online agency which specializes in a mix of design, development and marketing communication. He works a lot with WordPress. He loves open source, elegant code, fast load times, barbecueing caveman meals and playing the occasional (grand) strategy game.

Paul Van Buuren

Interaction Designer. Website builder since 1998. Uses WordPress since 2007. Accessible websites for government, companies and individuals. Talks in aphorisms [tegeltjeswijsheden™]

Remkus de Vries

Remkus is like the godfather of the WordPress Community in the Netherlands. There’s probably not one aspect of WordPress he didn’t touched through his career. A summary: admin of the Dutch WordPress forums, lead of the translations nl-nl, president of the WP Nederland foundation and he’s organized a lot of WordCamps Netherlands and the first WordCamp Europe.Remkus lives in the beautiful province of Fryslân and he’s the CEO of Forsite Media as well as managing director of Crowd Favorite B.V.

Forsite Media is a WordPress specialist internet media company specialised in enterprise solutions.

Mark Creeten

Mark Creeten is doing front-end work for more than 14 years now and he’s still loving it.
He shares all his knowledge in teaching adults to make websites and published a book about creating websites with HTML CSS a few years ago.
Currently, he is using his WordPress skills professionally and passionately on a daily basis in a Belgian company called Appsaloon.

Amina Malik

Hello! I’m Amina – an aspiring change-maker, currently working as a happy Project Manager for Wholegrain Digital – London’s first specialist WordPress Agency.
Here, I have immersed myself in a variety of projects with a multitude of clients, spanning from local companies, to inspiring global charities. Being part of the world of web, I have witnessed a beautiful progression in the way we interact with designing the internet; but there is still opportunity for new perspectives.
Having graduated in Social Design, my ability to merge this field with communication in the world of web puts me in a stimulating position today, but it’s a position not many women know they can reach; especially women of colour – since the tech world is portrayed as a male-dominated industry. I hope to contribute to the growing conversation about how we can make tech more welcoming and accessible for women whose contribution in such fields is often overlooked.

Toon Van de Putte

Scrummaster and information architect at Klasse, who have been using WordPress as their main CMS for almost ten years on www.klasse.be. Toon has lots of experience in getting people from different backgrounds and skillsets to work together efficiently on building a great website. In his spare time, he helps out other people with their WordPress sites, and writes and illustrates for #ROFL bookzine.

Toon is also a regular panel member on Tech45, a Belgian/Dutch weekly technology podcast, and maintains a personal website at www.automaton.be

Johan Janssens

Johan Janssens is a Belgian web architect, tech entrepreneur and free software advocate. In the past 10 years Johan has spent most his time creating free software and helping evolve the world wide web.

Johan is most known as co-founder and lead developer of Joomla; recently Johan also ventured into WordPress development with his new company Wordplugs.com.

Johan is a firm believer in sharing and collaboration, in spreading good ideas and in the power of technology to make the world a better place. He continually pushes the people around him to be creative and connect the dots.

Twitter: @johanjanssens

Anton Timmermans

Anton Timmermans is a 23-year-old living in the Netherlands. Since the age of 12, he has been programming in PHP and JavaScript. Anton works as a software architect at Yoast in Wijchen where he is the project lead for YoastSEO.js. In his free time, he contributes back to the WordPress community by organizing meetups and he regularly does voluntary work at WordCamps.

David de Boer

David de Boer is an online payments expert specialising in Bancontact and iDEAL, the number one Dutch payment method with 900+ million transactions. Thousands of eCommerce stores use his plugins to accept online payments.

David has been a web-entrepreneur since 2003 and has extensive experience with different eCommerce solutions. As an entrepreneur he codes, markets and sells his software products internationally (WordPress plugins and Joomla extensions).

He is also the co-organizer of the Amsterdam WooCommerce Meetup and speaker at European WordCamps and WooConf, the official WooCommerce Conference.

Edmund Turbin

Edmund Turbin is a London based Solutions Engineer at WP Engine originally from New York. He has been building CMS based websites for over 10 years and has been involved in the media, publishing and ad tech industries. His recent development work has contributed to the success of websites for Columbia University, the University of Surrey and Coty. Edmund is passionate about front end development workflow, making it easier to manage complex tasks via automation and building out next generation scalable systems for high traffic web properties. When the laptop is closed, Edmund enjoys producing Tech House in the studio, cycling and traveling the globe with his family.
Follow him on Twitter @spicecadet.

Shaun Janssens

Shaun is both a student graphical design & digital media at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent and a freelance WordPress front end developer with Webdrop.be. At the age of 15 he was already playing with different CMS-es and since 2010 in love with WordPress. He’ll share his experience about being a student and a student-entrepreneur.

Tom Janssens

Tom is a Belgian web developer and co-founder of Timble, a company with deep roots in open source software that build things for the web.
In the past years Tom spent most of his time working on Open Police. An open government platform for the Belgian Police using open source software and open standards.

Andrés Cifuentes

Colombian front-end developer currently living in Sevilla after working in Paris for five years. I am a WordPress enthusiast working at OnTheGoSystems as a WPML supporter.
I am a Colombian coffee addict, a traveler, cat lover and an eternal languages student.

Anne-Laure de Harlez

My name is Anne-Laure de Harlez, I was born in the 80’s… But I also happen to be a web developer based in Brussels (Belgium).
I studied journalism and communication at the UCL, Belgium and then I graduated from Universeit Antwerp with a degree in American Studies. I spent part of 2010 in New York, firstly being an intern at the UN then at the French-speaking magazine France-Amérique. My first job was in a tech startup and that’s when I felt in love with code, even though I knew nothing about it at the time. Since then I got trained to HTML and CSS at the great Steer, in London, and to WordPress with the amazing American online classes Skillcrush.

Beside, I also co-organize the Creative Sunday, DIY (and more!) events in Brussels and I sometimes post on HowTo, a blog that I co-host.”

Thijs Feryn

Thijs Feryn is a technical evangelist at a Belgian webhosting company called Combell.  His goal is to bring technology to the people and people to technology. He focuses on bridging the gap between code and infrastructure. Thijs is also involved in many open source communities and leads the PHPBenelux community. He speaks, listens, writes, codes, teaches, organizes and is above all very excited to speak at WordCamp Antwerp.

Stéphane Vince

Stéphane is passioned by IT from the cradle till now. He manages the IT team of the Walloon Digital Agency. Digital Wallonia is their main project. It is a complete cloud oriented web platform built with many parts on top of the platform WordPress.
Stéphane est passionné par l’IT depuis l’enfance. Il dirige l’équipe IT à l’Agence du Numérique (Wallonie). Digitalwallonia.be, leur projet principal, est une plateforme web orientée cloud et constituée de plusieurs composants dont la pièce maitresse est WordPress.

Myrto Melard

Myrto is a digital multitasker. She works for Agence du Numérique since 2004. Myrto improved her skills by testing the advanced web technologies and products before promoting and encouraging them on the platform. She is part of the team that has designed and developed DigitalWallonia.be. With WordPress, since day one and beyond.
Myrto est une digital multitask. Elle travaille à l’Agence du Numérique depuis 2004. Elle a évolué en testant des technologies web avancées d’abord pour leurs propres outils et produits afin de les promouvoir et encourager leur usage ensuite. Myrto fait partie de l’équipe qui a conçu et développé DigitalWallonia.be. Avec WordPress, depuis le premier jour et encore pour longtemps.

Thorsten Frommen

Thorsten is a web developer since 2000, working with (and on) WordPress since 2005. Currently, he is a WordPress engineer and technical project lead at Inpsyde, Germany’s biggest WordPress agency. He is part of Inpsyde’s QA team, and leads the development of MultilingualPress, the multisite-based free open source plugin for multilingual websites. Thorsten is a certified PHP engineer, web development professional and tester.

Bego Mario Garde

Bego supports and consults small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers, who use WordPress. As a WordPress Trainer he covers a range from beginners classes to individual coaching.

Bego is a member of the WordPress Polyglots team and contributes as General Translation Editor to the German translation of WordPress core, themes and plugins. He is also a moderator for the German WordPress support forums, where he helps users while keeping his own WordPress knowledge up to date.

Bego was Co-Organizer of WordCamp Cologne in 2015, just published his first plugin in the official WordPress repository and believes, a good cup of Earl Grey tea is essential for code development.

Felix Arntz

Felix Arntz is a web developer from Germany who specializes in WordPress development with a focus on complex web applications, helpful plugins and backend. He has been a freelancer since 2012, providing WordPress solutions for various clients. He also develops plugins for the WordPress plugin repository regularly and has been a Core Contributor for about a year.

Besides his work, he is studying Applied Computer Science. When not coding, he enjoys making music, playing soccer and going out. He is also a movie geek and drinks a lot of Mountain Dew.

Mathieu Viet

Mathieu “imath” Viet is a BuddyPress core developer and a WordPress / BuddyPress / bbPress plugin author. With two of his friends, he also produces a monthly podcast over at Very French Trip and is one of the founding members of the “WP Paris” association, a non-profit organisation to federate WordPress enthusiasts living in & around the city of Paris.
Mathieu blogs at imathi.eu.