The Schedule: Saturday June 4th

We will have three tracks of fine talks and a community foyer. And maybe more. Registration will start at 9:00 and we’ll wrap up around 18:00 (to go for some food and rejoin at the after-drink).

Time Auditorium Trappenaula Mezzanine
09:00Registration (doors open)
09:40Opening remarks
10:00Community and open source evangelism Zé Fontainhas
10:40Case study on WooCommerce Remkus de VriesEmpowering Girls To Code Amina MalikWordPress deployment with GIT or how to kill your FTP habits Mark Creeten
11:20Morning break
11:40Scaling WordPress Thijs FerynHow learning WordPress changed my professional life Anne-Laure de HarlezRWD – Responsive / Responsible / Rant on Web Design Tom Hermans
12:20CSS fun facts Mathias BynensOndernemen als student Shaun JanssensWordPress multilingual Andrés Cifuentes
13:00Lunch Full stack with WordPress Stéphane Vince, Myrto MelardEvery Penny Counts Jenny WongDo you really need a child theme? Bego Mario Garde
14:40Reinventing the Website Creation Proces Saskia VidelerOne Website, All the Languages — How to Set up a Multilingual WordPress Website With MultilingualPress Thorsten FrommenRealtime WordPress: working with WebSockets Luc Princen
15:20Afternoon Break
15:40Let’s talk about the WP REST API Tom HermansWith BuddyPress, WordPress has the power to democratize collaboration Mathieu VietBancontact and online payments for Belgian websites David de Boer
16:20WordPress performance tweaking Brecht RyckaertWordPress, just another interface Bas van der LansHit any user to continue Paul Van Buuren
17:00Closing remarks (day 1)

Stay in Antwerp for the night, enjoy the city & the after drink and rise and shine for a second day of WordPress goodness!

  • note: schedule can still be changed depending on speakers requests.

All the talks of this first day, in order of appearance

Community and open source evangelism

Presented by Zé Fontainhas in Auditorium.

Case study on WooCommerce

Presented by Remkus de Vries in Auditorium.

Empowering Girls To Code

Presented by Amina Malik in Trappenaula.

How we can work together to make the world of web more accessible.

WordPress deployment with GIT or how to kill your FTP habits

Presented by Mark Creeten in Mezzanine.

Scaling WordPress

Presented by Thijs Feryn in Auditorium.

How to optimize your stack for better scalability

WordPress isn’t just used for your average blog that has 10 visitors per day. The tech industry has realized that the WordPress platform can be leveraged as the foundation for all kinds of content-driven websites. But when your website gets increasingly popular and your WordPress installation is under heavy load, that’s when things get more complicated.

WordPress is built on top of PHP & MySQL and in this presentations I will show you how to optimize your stack for better scalability. We’ll be talking about software like Varnish, Nginx, Redis & PHP-FPM. We will also cover topics like loadbalancing, session distribution, static file hosting, SSL termination & aggressive page caching.

Just enough infrastructure talk to make your WordPress bullet proof. But don’t worry, we’ll start from the beginning.

How learning WordPress changed my professional life

Presented by Anne-Laure de Harlez in Trappenaula.

Going from employee with no technical skills to freelance WordPress developer.

CSS fun facts

Presented by Mathias Bynens in Auditorium.

3.14 things I didn’t know about CSS

This talk will showcase a series of obscure CSS fun facts, such
as CSS syntax gimmicks and quirks, weird tricks that involve CSS in
one way or another, and security vulnerabilities that are enabled by
(ab)using CSS in unexpected ways.

Ondernemen als student

Presented by Shaun Janssens in Trappenaula.

WordPress multilingual

Presented by Andrés Cifuentes in Mezzanine. Full stack with WordPress

Presented by Stéphane Vince, Myrto Melard in Auditorium.

Digital Wallonia is a virtual and physical hub. It embodies the objective of the Wallonian Government to create an excellent digital playground beyond its territory, its actors and its users.
Digital Wallonia est une plateforme virtuelle et physique. Digital Wallonia incarne l’objectif du Gouvernement wallon de faire de la Wallonie une terre d’excellence numérique, à travers son territoire, ses acteurs et ses usages.

Do you really need a child theme?

Presented by Bego Mario Garde in Mezzanine.

Alternatives for your customized website.

Many WordPress tutorials suggest, that you need a Child Theme to customize the layout of your website.

While you should never modify WordPress core nor WordPress themes themselves, this session shows common pitfalls of Child Themes and provides you with save and efficient alternatives.

Target audience: beginners to intermediate

Reinventing the Website Creation Proces

Presented by Saskia Videler in Auditorium.

A Customer Focussed and Content Centered Process

One Website, All the Languages — How to Set up a Multilingual WordPress Website With MultilingualPress

Presented by Thorsten Frommen in Trappenaula.

Realtime WordPress: working with WebSockets

Presented by Luc Princen in Mezzanine.

In this talk we’ll take a look at the real-time web. We dive into concepts like reactivity and persistent connections. We’ll look into setting up a bi-directional application between clients and servers over websockets and we’ll use WordPress to power it all. Hang tight dorothy, we’re not in kansas anymore!

Let’s talk about the WP REST API

Presented by Tom Hermans in Auditorium.

What is REST, what is an API, what the hell does this have to do with WordPress, how can we use it, and what are the benefits.

Expect a lot of acronyms like MVC, SPA, API, REST, JSON etc.. and what that mumbo jumbo actually means for a webdeveloper. Introductory session but still very dev-oriented.

Might contain traces of nuts the Star Wars universe 😉

With BuddyPress, WordPress has the power to democratize collaboration

Presented by Mathieu Viet in Trappenaula.

I’m using WordPress and BuddyPress to help me achieve the intranet projects my company is making me work on for 6 years now.

Although WordPress and BuddyPress are not necessarily solutions companies think of for their intranets, I have this conviction that considering a bit more some of their specific needs, my two favorite tools could help the hesitating ones to launch their collaborative or community intranets while making sure they keep the entire control over their data and knowledge.

During this talk I will tell you how I gradually developed a set of specific plugins to meet my needs around community intranets. I will also try to show you that WordPress, with a little help from BuddyPress can help any company of any size in improving the way their staff collaborates.

Bancontact and online payments for Belgian websites

Presented by David de Boer in Mezzanine.

It’s 2016 and eCommerce has grown tremendously, almost everyone now shops online. Still a lot of WordPress site developers don’t want to build eCommerce websites or webshops because they find eCommerce plugins and online payments complex.

And that’s a shame, because it could be really interesting to add eCommerce to your list of web development skills. Luckily, the good news is, you can learn how to implement online payments, allowing you to also benefit from the growing market.

In this talk I’ll tell you all you need to know about online payments for Belgian WordPress sites. We will discuss the entire process, starting with the software (WordPress, WooCommerce etc.) to the first payments. We’ll talk about MisterCash/Bancontact, but also the Dutch iDEAL (because the crazy Dutch like shopping over their border!).

And there will be room for questions!

WordPress performance tweaking

Presented by Brecht Ryckaert in Auditorium.

A thorough overview of a great number of techniques to optimize the performance…

For those who feel the need for speed…

WordPress, just another interface

Presented by Bas van der Lans in Trappenaula.

Grow your Businesses by Connecting WordPress

  • Use WordPress as interface for your customers to your business logic
  • Use WordPress as platform for your customers to order stuff directly from an ERP
  • Using WordPress as platform to request info from your administration and updating your CRM

Hit any user to continue

Presented by Paul Van Buuren in Mezzanine.

How to train your users to create accesssible content.

This talk is aimed at users, developers and project managers.

Every Penny Counts

Presented by Jenny Wong in Trappenaula.

Jenny volunteered to help the WordCamp Antwerp edition out. And she even stepped up to the plate when one of our speakers had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.

She’ll be presenting a talk on how to contribute back to a community that has given her (and us all) so much. So please, if you want to learn, get involved and step up to the plate yourself, this talk will certainly motivate you and tell you how to do it.

RWD – Responsive / Responsible / Rant on Web Design

Presented by Tom Hermans in Mezzanine.

Since Ines cannot make it due to family matters, Tom decided to step in and do his talk on Responsible Web Design. This is mostly a UX oriented talk starting from the intent and the purpose of your site and how to incorporate that into a scalable, modular approach of building the architecture and frontend of your site.